Internet Histories16.01.16

Summer Reading: Our Favourites From 2015

Our fantastic contributors on the best things they read last year

Everything in: Internet Histories

Internet Histories16.01.16

Summer Reading: Our Favourites From 2015

Our fantastic contributors on the best things they read last year

Internet Histories21.06.15

I'm Feeling Lucky: The Forum

Sam Brooks on the SimRTK forums


The Great Indifferent Censor

Let's not mistake content moderation for moral reasoning.


Words at White Night

A group of poets respond to Auckland's night of art up late.


Oscar Week: Trojan Brioche

Janet McAllister on Grand Budapest Hotel and how it tricks liberals into forgetting themselves

Internet Histories27.01.15

Summer Reading: Our Favourites from 2014

Our writers' favourites from 2014

Internet Histories16.12.14

Rosabel Tan reports back from Armageddon's Ice-Cream Eating Competition

Internet Histories18.11.14

Dirty Politics

While Dirty Politics continues to reverberate, life for many of those implicated in both media and politics has largely continued as usual.

Internet Histories13.11.14

Vocal Chords and Nothing More

Janet McAllister on why the makers of the vagina posters are dicks.

Internet Histories12.11.14

Poor people are ugly

It was about halfway through Aussie horror The Babadook that I realised the stomach-churning anxiety I felt had less to do with the film’s monster than the social class of the protagonists: they were poor.

Internet Histories19.09.14

IH: Election Roundup Edition

In the first of our new-look Internet Histories, Matt takes a look back at the strangest election campaign in living memory, and how it's been reported online and in the media.

Internet Histories10.08.14

Internet Histories | 11 August

The Kim Kardashian game

Internet Histories27.07.14

Internet Histories | 28 July

This week on the internet: the pleasures of the NZIFF, metadata from a metagame, trawling the New Yorker's archives and the stories white Australia allows itself to be told.

Internet Histories29.06.14

Internet Histories | 30 June

This week on the internet: how we talk about Google, how we talk about art, and how we talk about voting

Internet Histories15.06.14

Internet Histories | 16 June

The conditions and possibilities of reading books meant for children.

Internet Histories18.05.14

Internet Histories | 19 May

This week on the internet: the interstellar archaeologists, terrifying existential threats that will kill you and everyone you've ever loved, and final conversations from the black boxes of history

Internet Histories04.05.14

Internet Histories: 5 May

This fortnight: How the press ran with a gay dog-whistle story incited by a man with a history of gay dog-whistling, and NZ Music Month's dissonance.

Internet Histories20.04.14

Internet Histories | 21 April

Inside Google X, the quiet devastation of 'living apart' and America's food problem

Internet Histories06.04.14

Internet Histories | 7 April

This edition: David Fisher's great retirement letter from Twitter, and why the rest of you should rein it in.

Internet Histories23.03.14

Internet Histories | 24 March

The state of writing on music writing, working as a cultured robot or not at all and YouTube unpleasantness

Internet Histories09.03.14

Internet Histories | 10 March

Inside online newsrooms, tired tropes in True Detective, and a bunch of good things to read.

Internet Histories23.02.14

Internet Histories | 24 February

This fortnight: and the blurring definition of live music; Lean In's surface-deep revolution; lifestyles of the sociopathically rich and famous, and a warm welcome to new contributor Chris McIntyre.

Internet Histories09.02.14

Internet Histories | 10 February

Teaching empathy to medical students, what the internet is doing to news, and what we're learning (and not) from this year's Olympics.

Internet Histories27.01.14

Internet Histories | 27 January

The death of the venue and longform journalism in 2014.

Internet Histories23.12.13

Internet histories | 23 December

The cult of gentrification, questioning same-sex marriage, chasing R Kelly, Shia LaBoeuf's pathological plagiarism, and uploading everything.

Internet Histories09.12.13

Internet Histories | 9 December

This fortnight: speculations on whether we're about to see the end of New Zealand's foremost literary journal, the snark vs smarm debate and New Zealand's weirdest pyramid scheme yet.

Internet Histories25.11.13

Internet Histories | 25 November

This week: selfies, seeking asylum and interviewing Manson, then and now.

Internet Histories11.11.13

Internet Histories | 11 November

The shoestring grand designs of Roman Mars, New Zealand, New Alcatraz and urban spelunking.

Internet Histories29.10.13

Internet Histories | 28 October

Russell Brand, art and the artist and credulity in the ocean, in the bedroom, on the internet

Internet Histories14.10.13

Internet Histories | 14 October

Female conductors, the US government shutdown, writing for fun and profit and Alice Munro.

Internet Histories30.09.13

Internet Histories | 30 September

Quantity, Quality, and writing for the web

Internet Histories16.09.13

Internet Histories | 16 September

This Fortnight: the Leader we deserve, DC Comics gon wild, Laurel Halo and what is money, anyway?

Internet Histories02.09.13

Internet Histories | 2 September

This fortnight: The soul-sapping no-win spectacle of Syria, Buzzfeed as a diplomatic mouthpiece, Miley and Gaga at the VMAs, how Breaking Bad brings out the worst in certain fans, and racial dot maps of the United States.

Internet Histories19.08.13

Internet Histories | 19 August

This fortnight: The Postal Service isn't dead, just resting, the political economy of Facebook, reviewing all of the music videos, Adam Curtis on the surveillance state, video games, but not as you know them, John on John and New Zealand's printed music journalism.

Internet Histories05.08.13

Internet Histories | 5 August

This fortnight: THAT Fox interview, poetry and the provocative obituary and much-deserved congratulations to Eleanor Catton.

Internet Histories22.07.13

Internet Histories | 22 July

This fortnight: the Zimmerman verdict, tweeted indulgences, herald lead stories, Jay-Z's latest, calling a transphobic spade a spade, drinking in Antarctica, mining one's own gmail metadata and summoning Cthulhu - with chemistry!

Internet Histories08.07.13

Internet Histories | 8 July

This fortnight: the absurd new Superman movie, vertical cemeteries, films reviewed like video games, naughtiness in award-winning fiction and racism in the US.

Internet Histories24.06.13

Internet Histories | 24 June

This fortnight: Yelp, the sound of secret map-makers, rejecting theatre culture, screening premier league football, Alan Moore on Moore’s law, depressing teenage Reddit atheism and the last telegram in the world.

Internet Histories10.06.13

Internet Histories | 10 June

This fortnight: re-mystifying the creative endeavour, the complex complicity of American tech firms, and fluoride - good for teeth, or brain control?

Internet Histories27.05.13

Internet Histories | 27 May

This fortnight: celebrating the commencement speech and those criticisms of Kanye

Internet Histories13.05.13

Internet Histories | 13 May

This fortnight: Playing the taxonomy game, communicating depression, African urban geographies, the Aaron Gilmore Conspiracy, defining the video game, Charles Ramsay and the memeification of tragedy and poverty, and a warm welcome to James Dann

Internet Histories29.04.13

Internet Histories | 29 April

This fortnight - dissecting the Super Mario flop, the commercialisation of Amanda Palmer, applause as a social function, talking about ANZAC day, and the Boston bombings.

Internet Histories15.04.13

Internet Histories | 15 April

This fortnight - the possibilities of Snapchat and film narrative, Rick Ross, Reebok and what happens when people deserve each other, Thatcher, and the C-Mix collated.

Internet Histories01.04.13

Internet Histories: Easter Edition

April Fool's special: Changes at the Pantograph Punch, WhaleOil, and the Science of Selling out. Featuring new guest post by Michael Laws!

Internet Histories18.03.13

Internet Histories | 18 March

This Fortnight: Dirty Girls, bad editors, lamenting Google Reader's retirement, the future of classical music and writing, privilege and poverty.

Internet Histories18.02.13

Internet Histories | 18 February

Jean Shepherd and the Hurling Invective, spaces made strange, New Zealand's Sexiest Girl and New Games Journalism

Internet Histories04.02.13

Internet Histories | 4 February

This fortnight: The art of the profile, the future of football, why you never leave high school, and a very warm welcome to Sally Conor.

Internet Histories11.12.12

Internet Histories | 10 December

This fortnight - when secrecy begets good journalistic hustle, Sartre's 'The (Facebook) Wall, an assignment from Kurt Vonnegut, the Little Printer, and the most extraordinary scatological Christmas rite.

Internet Histories26.11.12

Internet Histories | 26 November

Ice truck killers, social media insurgency, the best thing on love and grief we've read in a while, the Illuminati, illuminated and a catalogue of New Zealand cartoonists and cartoons


Rosabel Tan talks to Michelle Ang and Jo Holsted about their new play Chop/Stick, the thorny issue of ethnicity and the lunches they ate as children.


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The Pantograph Punch publishes urgent and vital cultural commentary by the most exciting new voices in Aotearoa.

The Pantograph Punch publishes urgent and vital cultural commentary by the most exciting new voices in Aotearoa.

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