Matt Harnett

Kaituhi Tūtahi | Contributing Writer

Matt lives in Melbourne, where he edited the Punch as a Senior Editor from a safe distance until 2018. His first editorial gig was co-helming the University of Auckland’s Craccum (sorry), and he’s since had a bunch of editorial and comms roles. His particular interests include digital culture, literature and the interface between the two. He also edits Going Down Swinging, a Melbourne-based literary journal.

Everything By: Matt Harnett


The Price of Caring

"You can’t have your gays and eat them too."


The Call is Coming From Inside the House

What's up with all the childhood reboots?


Matt Harnett on the inauthenticity and sadness of what the viral proposal video represents.

Internet Histories12.11.14

Poor people are ugly

It was about halfway through Aussie horror The Babadook that I realised the stomach-churning anxiety I felt had less to do with the film’s monster than the social class of the protagonists: they were poor.

Internet Histories19.09.14

IH: Election Roundup Edition

In the first of our new-look Internet Histories, Matt takes a look back at the strangest election campaign in living memory, and how it's been reported online and in the media.


Matt Harnett speaks with Steve Braunias about his latest book, Civilisation: Twenty Places on the Edge of the World, the point of satire and the special honesty required to turn people into characters.


Matt Harnett talks to Nicky Hager on mass media, democracy, technology and publishing.


Today, we wrap up our love affair with Kim Dotcom with a discussion of his case, how it's been covered in the media and why Dotcom is quite possibly the love child of Ayn Rand.

Internet Histories06.08.12

Internet Histories | 6 August

The first in a fortnightly series of Cool Stuff We Done Gone Found.


Codex Seraphinianus

Cryptic art that frustrates even as it captures your imagination. What's the allure? And is it better than, say, a nice watercolour?


Tom Six is lost in thought. “Beautiful women,” he eventually answers. “I think it would be more bearable that way.” Yes, but which ones? He pauses again. He obviously hasn’t been asked this before, and he’s considering it with the gravity of a man who fully realises what the question entails.


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The Pantograph Punch publishes urgent and vital cultural commentary by the most exciting new voices in Aotearoa.

The Pantograph Punch publishes urgent and vital cultural commentary by the most exciting new voices in Aotearoa.

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