Rina Patel

Kaituhi Tūtahi | Contributing Writer

Rina Patel is an arts industry coordinator, short-fiction writer, percussionist and sometimes performer. Her debut book of short-stories, 22, self-published (2018), explores the vantage point of being a second-generation Gujarāti takatāpui New Zealander. A Toi Whakaari actor graduate, Rina performed in Ahi Karunaharan’s play TEA as part of the Auckland Arts Festival (2018), she has played featured guest roles on Shortland Street (2015, 2007) and has a history as an actor in independent/underground theatre works, of which some include; The Untouchables Collective: Yātra; journey for identity (2004), The Lambuji & Tinguji Show (2005), And What Remains (Tawata Productions, 2005) and Gas (2007). She has been a Duffy’s Books in Homes actor and advocate. Rina also leans towards story and narratives that explore the isolation, dislocation that pertains to the NZ Gujarāti diaspora experience.

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