Vanessa Mei Crofskey

Kaitohu | Director
Vanessa 梅 Crofskey is an arts polymath, Libra with fire placements and the current Kaitohu of The Pantograph Punch. Since graduating from AUT with a Bachelor of Visual Arts in 2017, she has worked across the sector as a poet, performer, artist, sports commentator and freelancer for anyone that paid her (and a few that didn't). Previous roles include working as a producer for Basement Theatre, facilitator for Window Gallery, staff writer and communications manager for The Pantograph Punch, and most recently as the Director of Enjoy Contemporary Art Space. She is interested in relational approaches to wellbeing, Queer and migrant theory, anime and arts publishing. Her debut collection of poetry can be found in AUP New Poets 6, published by Auckland University Press.
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