Karen Hu 胡欣宇 and Sherry Zhang 章雪莉

Kaituhi Tūtahi | Contributing Writer
Karen Hu 胡欣宇 is an Auckland-based drummer, percussionist and cellist. She has performed at the Auckland Arts Festival, Christchurch Arts Festival and Wellington Jazz Festival. She is currently studying Law and Music at the University of Auckland. Sherry Zhang 章雪莉 is our Communications Manager. She studies Law and Communications at The University of Auckland. More of her writing can be found on Starling and The Spinoff. Her co-written play Yang/Young/杨 is part of ATC's Here & Now festival 2021. She's the editor of QTBIPOC platform Āhua Collective, and queer zine The Agenda. She's also the producer of documentary theatre show OTHER [chinese].
Everything by: Karen Hu 胡欣宇 and Sherry Zhang 章雪莉