The Pantograph Punch Presents: Poetry Posters

Two poetry posters for you to enjoy: Bats by Ashleigh Young and Ways of Making Love by Hera Lindsay Bird.

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On the wall above my desk are a number of index cards. They document recent raptures: thoughts that have shifted the centre of my world, electric sentences, and empty maxims transcribed from what could probably comprise a 'Best Commencement Speeches Ever' playlist on YouTube. There's also a poem on my wall. It's typed and framed and represents a memory I have no photos for. The poem is enough. The poem's actually more. It doesn't evoke a single moment in time; it evokes an entire autumn - of meandering walks taken through a tall glass building, of the warm whirr of an overused photocopier, of an access-only medical library displaying abnormal human organs, and of immense, incredible longing.

Poetry lives best on the walls. It's shared portraiture. It's subtle celebration. There should be more of it, everywhere, and to celebrate Poetry Month at The Pantograph Punch we commissioned two of our favourite new artists, Holly Davies and Katie Parrish to illustrate two of our favourite poets, Ashleigh Young and Hera Lindsay Bird, both downloadable for free below: