20 / 20: Four tales of Youthful Disaster

To celebrate Silo Theatre's 20th birthday, we're presenting four uninhibited and off-the-record tales of youthful disaster with Jason Te Kare, Natalie Medlock, Jackie van Beek and Stephen Lovatt

Over the past three years, we've been proud to be a media partner with Silo Theatre, the best damn contemporary theatre company in Aotearoa. This year is particularly special because they're turning 20. I know: seems like only yesterday they were eleven men getting nude and showering in an underventilated basement theatre, but here we are, and we're thrilled to be throwing their birthday bash.

So: for one night only, the Silo whanau are taking over Q Theatre's Loft with four uninhibited tales of youthful disaster. Hosted by Thomas Sainsbury, 20 / 20 brings together Jason Te KareNatalie MedlockJackie van Beek and Stephen Lovatt to recall that fleeting time when they were no longer a teenager, not yet an adult - still young enough to know it all, not old enough to know they don't.

We'd love for you to join us.




20 / 20
Wednesday 23 August
Q Theatre

Please note: unlike our other events, these stories will not be recorded.

Meet our Storytellers

Jason Te Kare

Jason Te Kare (Eagle vs. Shark, Waiora) has performed in England, Hawai’i, Canada and throughout Aotearoa. An award-winning actor, writer and director, Jason most recently directed the gripping black comedy Cellfish, which had its world premiere at the Auckland Arts Festival this year.

Jackie van Beek

Since emerging from the 90s theatre scene in Wellington, award-winning actress Jackie van Beek has graced our big screens (What We Do in the Shadows), our little screens (Funny Girls, 800 words) and our stages (Hudson & Halls Live! My Brother and I are Porn Stars).

She's also a writer and director - most recently, she premiered her film The Inland Road at this year's New Zealand International Film Festival, and is co-directing and acting in The Breaker Upperers, a new comedy with Madeleine Sami (out next year!)

Natalie Medlock

Natalie Medlock is a writer (Neighbours, 800 Words, Almighty Johnsons, Shortland St), actor (Shortland St, Perplex, Blind Date Project) and, more recently, a director (Goodness Grows Here, No Holds Bard).

Stephen Lovatt

Award-winning actor Stephen Lovatt is one of our nation's most prolific performers (most recently: Inland Road, Ash vs Evil Dead, Uncle Vanya and very soon, Pleasuredome). Stephen is an especially versatile father, playing everything from likeable dads (Being Eve) to reliable dads (Neighbours) to less reliable dads (Go Girls) to bloody scary religious fathers (The Book of Everything).

Thomas Sainsbury has written, directed, produced and acted in more than 50 theatre productions. His plays have been performed in Australia, USA, UK, France, Greece and New Zealand and his thriller novel (which he co-wrote with Swedish author Linda Olsson) was published in Europe and Australasia. This year Thomas has starred in Pork Pie, Shortland Street, Filthy Rich, Jono and Ben and Hamish and Andy: True Story.


20 / 20
Wednesday 23 August
Q Theatre

She handed him the keys, looked at the venue,
and gave him a single piece of advice: “Don’t fuck it up.”

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The Pantograph Punch publishes urgent and vital cultural commentary by the most exciting new voices in Aotearoa.

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